Thursday, September 22, 2011

Waixing junk extravaganza!

A few days ago, Taizou from Pirate Games Central (check out his cool website, Try posting at his board to scare him, hehe) posted a lot of ROMs he found at a website run by the Chinese Famiclone company Subor. These ROMs were encrypted and with a WXN extension (WaiXiNg?). So, once again showing so awesome, this guy actually bothered himself to unecrypt the ROMs. So, citing him, "have some files":
You'll need EmuVT to emulate these games. You probably have it already, but in case you don't, here it is, courtesy of cah4e3:
Taizou describes these files this way:

8位游戏合集数据包.rar - Original archive. Subor's servers are slow as hell so i'm rehosting it. - Decryption program, for windows (requires .net framework 2.0). it can also attempt to convert .nes to EmuVT .bin but thats fairly preliminary - Source code. if anyone wants to improve it or anything.
wx-working.rar - All working roms, plus their original encrypted versions
wx-notworking.rar - Non working roms, including encrypted, decrypted .nes and .bin where applicable. one or two roms might have wrong names since I can't actually see the title screens in most cases, but I've tried to keep them fairly accurate.

Anyways, after this small introduction I decided to list all the games found on these zips and rars just because I'm bored, with several things I noted about them. I omitted the RPGs though, since they're in Chinese and they all suck anyways. So here we go:

Decrypted VT03 BINs

- Night Stalker clone by Nice Code
Burrow - Alternate version of Burrow Explorer and Labyrinth by NC.
Discus Put - Disc throwing event from Track & Field (but remade from scratch) Throw the disc, qualify if you can (shoddy controls will give you lots of trouble) and then repeat the exact same thing over and over, without any changes.
Dune War - Original VT02 version was made in 2004 and it had a 'Nature Color' (NC's previous name) copyright. This version is dated 2007.
Enchanter - Same as Polar Bat from the DreamGear 75-in-1 but with different graphics. No Kunio-Kun this time.
Ghost Palace - Same as above, again with different graphics
Labyrinth - Night Stalker. Again, again.
Lucky Time - Pathetic Kaboom! clone made by NC, which goes under hundred of different names. I don't know which is the original, though.
Memory Test - The matching game which is known under hundred of names (since it lacks a title screen), now with 16-bit color. It still sucks, though.
Shooting - Track and Field's Clay Shoot event.
Shot Put
- Track and Field's Hammer Throw event.
Silent Hunter - Weird submarine game. I don't know what you're supposed to do exactly.
Sniper - The umpteen Buzz Bombers rip-off, every version has different graphics and music but they all suck: Man In Red, Orchard Kavass, Archer, etc. This version, however, seems even easier than the rest of them. After you get pass the 9th level (which you will, after one or two minutes, since this game is so damn easy) it just goes back to the title screen, something which I have seen on several Waixing games. Lazy idiots. Oh, and the music is kinda nice.
Star Attack - Mediocre space shooter.
Star -
Dominos (old Atari game) clone. The music is a remix of Waixing's Table Tennis soundrack.
Sur LC -
Hack of NC's clone of Mattel's skiing game for the Intellivision, now it has weird graphics.
'Tetris' (AKA Magic Bubble, Strange Pop Pop, Russia, etc.) - Different graphics this time, it seems they went for a city theme this time. Greatly improved controls, so it's a little more playable this time, but it still sucks.

Decrypted mapper zero ROMs

100m Hurdles
- Track and Field's hurdles event, BUT this time they simply ripped the game from the original game instead of programming a clone from scratch. Slightly different graphics, and of course it just goes back to the start after you finish.
Airial Hero - Alternate version of Harbor. (Airial? O_o)
Blob Man
- Is that Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z?

Eating - Umpteen version of NC's version of Shark! Shark!, with Waixing copyright and sounds taken from Jungletac's version of Track and Field. Really lousy and with music only comparable to the one from Inventor's hack of Lunar Ball.
Five Days - Alternate version of Strafe.
Hurry Burry
Ice Hockey
- More Intellivision junk, with music ripped from Antarctic Adventure. Title screen refers to the game as 'Slap Shot'.
Mine - Minesweeper clone.
Plush Dog
Russia -
Not Magic Bubble again, but a version of 'Falling Blocks' with a 2-player option. Also, 'Falling Blocks' itself is a trimmed down version of Poketetris.

'NES - Other stuff" (Non-working VT02 ROMs)

Attacking - Alternate version of Pulveration (with helicopters?)
Dark Castle
Five Kids - Alternate version of Wonder Rabbit, but here you can change characters just by pressing the select button. It starts from a different level, too.
Galaxy Killer
Little Hacker - Originally 'The Hacker' by Shenzen Nanjing, itself a hack of 'Felix the Cat' by Dragon Co.
Monkey King
Monster Brother - Another alternate version of Wonder Rabbit.
'Ping Pong' (AKA Table Tennis [Nice Code]) - I have this on a plug 'n' play ping pong paddle, so I can say its actual name is 'Table Tennis'. Completely impossible to play, the controls are just awful.
Tower of Doom - Its music sounds a lot like the title screen song of Jaleco's City Connection.
Volley Ball - More Intellivision games.

Non-working VT02/VT03 ROMs (>200k)

Add 'em Up
Baseball -
Intellivision hack.
'Contra' (Super Contra 7)
'Crazy Racing' -
Looks like some kind of Mach Rider clone.
Desert Storm
F22 -
Trimmed down version of Inventor's F22. As typical of many Waixing games, it goes back to the title screen after finishing level 3 without warning.
'Motoboat Race'
Ocean Prospect
Penalty Kick
- A Mario Bros. clone.
'Super Fighting Spirit' - Super Contra 7, though it might be actually Super Fight 1 (the trimmed down version)
Tennis Ball
'Yong Bu Ke Dang' -
Super Contra 7. Again, again.

Non- working VT02/VT03 ROMs (< 200k)

2d Escape
Access Block
Aether Fighter -
Waixing's version of 'Earth Fighter' by Nice Code
Apple Chess
- Reversi game featuring a rendition of 'Oxygene' by Jean-Michel Jarre.
Archer - Buzz Bombers.
Archery - Track and Field's archery event.
Autoboat Contest
Backstroke -
Hyper Sports' swimming event.
Bomb Time -
Alternate version of Nice Code's Bomberman.
Boxes World - Sudoku game.
Boxing Wrestle
Brave Boy
- Alternate version of Octopus.
Car Park
Cat Vs. Dog
Clever Way
Connect Pipe
Corridor -
Alternate version of Moto Boat (AKA Awful Rushing and Pobble) by Nice Code. Catchy music.
Cute Fish
Danger Zone
Defensive -
Seems to be an alternate version of Garden War (AKA Resistant) by Nice Code.
Diamond (Waixing) - Arkanoid clone with better graphics and playability than NC's version, but with only one life and one level. When you either lose or finish the only level, you get booted to the title screen...
Dragon Den -
Another version of Polar Bat.
Edacity Snakes -
Nibbles clone.

ET The Extra Terrestrial - Seems similar to Loop Tennis by NC.
Explorer -
Looks like a mediocre Galaxian clone with God-awful music.
Final Fighter -
Final Blood by Nice Code.
Fireman - A clone of Taito's 'Flying Hero' by Waixing with, guess what, only one level that boots you to the title screen after you finish it.
Fishing Superior
Football -
Not real football, but just a hack of some American football game for the Intellivision.
Galaxy War - Aether Cruiser by NC.
Gem - Alternate version of NC's Mowing.
Germ Killer
Ghost Ship -
Alternate version of Depth Bomb by Nice Code.
Helli Mission
Highway Racing
Hitting Mices

Horrible Area -
Hack of the Intellivision port of Thin Ice.
Hot Speed
HQ Fighter
Hua Rong Dao
Kakuro Master
Lawn Purge
Magic Doors
Mars Worm
Master Chess -
I'm sure this has nothing to do with chess.
Maze Puzzle
- A 15-puzzle with a bit of Sachen's 'Auto-Upturn'. Catchy music.
Maze Treasure
M-Day -
A Space Invaders clone.
Monster War -
Alternate version of Pulveration by NC.
Over Speed Racing -
Alternate version of Waixing's 'classic'. The title screen is the same, but in-game music and gameplay seem different.
Panda - Alternate version of NC's Abscondee.
Pop Master
Pulver -
Pulveration with added music.
Radish Field -
Waixing's version of Assart by NC.
Road Hero -
Deformable by NC.
Santa Claus -
Mad Xmas by Nice Code.
Sea-Man -
Seamaid by Nice Code.
Shooting Ballons

Shudu -
A sudoku game.
Slalom -
A hack of Rare's Slalom made by Tec-Cube.
Square -
A Tetris clone with a title screen inspired by Tengen Tetris.
Strong Pill
Super Tank
Super Ward (Mapper 3) -
Another Kaboom! clone.
Super Ward -
A shooter similar to Strafe and Five Days.
Table Tennis (Waixing) -
It's the same pong clone by Waixing that's already dumped (it's on one of those Benshieng 4-in-1 multis), but with music from Guard Farm (the undumped Duck Hunt hack by Waixing, see a video of it here).
Twin Copters -
Alternate version of Twin Fish.
Twin Fish
UFO Capture
Under Water Rescue -
I think this was made by Tec-Cube.
Undersea -
Alternate version of Nice Code's Bomberman.
Warrior -
Night Stalker.
Water Fire
Way Out
Xmas Gift

Well, I think that's it. See you next time, guys! :-)